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Born in Derby 1967 The artist studio is based in Heage where she lives and works. Mandy has been drawing and painting as long as she can remember since a little girl aged just 3, she has always had interests in arts and creativity. Mandy would be drawing and painting at every opportunity day or night. She is inspired by life and everything around her.

 Mandy enjoyed art and everything about it. As a young gymnast Mandy was constantly expressing herself through music and dance these different creatives were her world that her family encouraged. Becoming a professional artist was through years of hard work and practice and continued this having worked full time and bringing up a young son she drew and painted at every spare opportunity that was all she wanted to do. 


In the late 90’s Mandy studied the History of art The Impressionists art movement. She always felt drawn to them especially Monet and the salon de refuse´. It was their eagerness to express art in their own way and that drew her attention as she had felt the same about her own art the art of breaking rules had always stuck in her mind. Other interests in the modern art world artists such as Andy Warhol and Gustav Klimt their life and stories intrigued her, further more Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’keeffe. But also the renaissance all have also been an influence in Mandy’s career as an artist. In the recession of 2008 Mandy became a self-employed professional artist. Mandy opened a studio and shared the space with a local photographer. Then in 2011 opening her own studio known as Muse art Gallery & studio in Heage there she exhibited art together with local artists and held her own mini art festivals and themed exhibitions, it was such an amazing time for her and the artists and it grew well by its own nature a lovely local gem that everyone loved to visit.

Mandy now works from her home based studio. The artist loves being in the studio to express her art where she paints portraits and landscapes including Pop Art and digital arts in fact most of Art by Mandy’s do begin as a digital piece. Art has been a constant process throughout her life. Mandy’s artworks are an interpretation of herself, her thoughts, dreams and emotions and how she see's see life around her.


Art by Mandy UK has exhibited both in the UK and Internationally in various Art gallerys and venues as shown in exhibition information.


Public Art Exhibitions

DepArtures Art Exhibitions EMA, East Midlands Airport, 2012

Desperate Artwives Public Takeover was held outside TATE Modern on 6 August 2017. The event was led by curator and artist Amy Dignam and artist Susan B. Merrick, Desperate Artwives all over the world participated in the event. As a previous member of The Desperate Artwives collective living in England Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors participated via social media using the hashtag #uniteddespitethedistance.

The National Gallery of Justice Museum in Nottingham, Aqueduct Cottage project, Cromford. Further exhibition information.

Aqueduct Cottage, Cromford, Derbyshire-A collection of wildlife and landscape paintings to public highlight the surrounding area, Wildlife and the Aqueduct cottage and its history.


Art Publications

Marika Magazine February 2022 

Art in Lockdown 2020 by Nottingham T.V presenter, curator & artist Marysia Zipser of A.C.T. of Beeston.

Magazine publication Artsbeat.

Dripping Mini Cooper view here by Saatchiartonline curated Pop Art.

Artists and Illustrators Magazine 2009 

Palette Pages by Curator Lisa Gray of FLUX exhibition and FLUX Magazine

Cult House by Curator JA Neto

Positive Minds Blog

The Happy Idiot Blog

Artsbeat Magazine

The New Fat Design Agency, Nottingham

Saatchieart online in the PopArt Collection

Artist & Illustrator 2009

Featured art exhibition at The National Gallery of Justice in Nottingham on BBC East Midlands News


Best for Service Houzz 2022

Best for service by Houzz 2016

Further Info:

Previous Gallery Owner Muse Art Gallery & Studio, Heage, Derbyshire

Member of The Midlands En Plein Air Group. 

Previous member of Belper Arts Collaborative the Belper Arts Collaborative the first local art Festival held in 2013 founded by George Grumby and Suzanne Parnell.

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