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A series of Symbolic portrait paintings that are reflections of my life. 

This particular painting was at of a time of grief. The feathers representing the angel nearby seeing the feathers and picking them up, the apple representing birth, temptation and death. The dahlia’s representing the favourite flowers tall flowers rows of them, and the mirrors are representations of life that I’ve seen, people I’ve met all becoming fragments of my mind.


Fine Art Limited Edition Print

Size approx 18" x 24

Limited Edition Fine Art  1/50

Individually Hand Signed and Numbered by the artist


Tagsmart Signed Certificate of Authenticity 

Fine Art Prints by Fine Art Specialist Printers Harwood King


Medium: Acrylics, Pen and Ink and Mirror on Canvas 

Fragments of My Mind




Fragments of My Mind

  • We aim to produce the highest quality prints.

    Prints are made to order.

    If a customer wishes to return the item or notices any defects such as damage to the artwork then please Contact Us within 14 working days and return within 14 workings days.

    Once the defect Arworkt is returned Refunds will be processed within 7 workings days however due to COVID-19 this may take longer to be processed by your bank.

    All returns are accepted.




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