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My Story why I work with VIDA

Here is how my journey with VIDA began starting with an invitation collaborate my original artworks with VIDA's range of Apparel & Accessories. So I received this email sometime last year out of the blue and that's where it all began...


Hello Mandy,


I'm reaching out as I think your artwork is magnificent, and I’m hoping we can find a way to work together on a collaboration. Here at VIDA, we work with well known artists from around the world to translate their artwork into high quality apparel and accessories like silk scarves and tops. VIDA is backed by Google Ventures, and our mission is to work with elite artists to showcase their products to the world.


We think your artwork would be perfect as fashion products.


We work directly with our artists and designers to convert their vision into beautiful, quality tops and scarves and to give them the tools to sell their products through their own branded VIDA Collection pages. For every VIDA product sold, we offer literacy programs for our factory workers. VIDA: "We offer a literacy program to all who work in our factories. It costs $15 per person and we work in partnership with select local organizations that we have personally worked with and vetted for over 7 years. For example, in Pakistan, the program is run by Literate Pakistan and was created in partnership with a Skoll Award winning organization: The Citizens Foundation. The Citizens Foundation, whom our founder volunteered close to a year of her time to, offers education to over 150,000 students in Pakistan" VIDA are also environmentally friendly and do not use any plastic waste in their products any packaging used is eco friendly and biodegradable.


I hope you'll accept our invitation to become a VIDA artist and join our ever growing community of artists and designers. We would be deeply honoured to have the opportunity to work with you.


I’m really looking forward to your submission on Vida & Co




Erica M.

VIDA & Co.



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